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Take Better Scenic & Holiday Photos

Making good use of space

Next you need to decide how big or small to make the subject appear in the picture. Whether you want it to be large and fill the photo or smaller to show it in its surroundings.

fill the frame
The subject can fill the whole picture.

The aim is to make the best possible use of the space in the picture. The subject should be big enough to be easily seen. The foreground and background should not distract from the subject.

This can be controlled by using the “zoom” on your camera.

show surroundings
The subject can be made smaller to show some of the surroundings.

Be aware that as well as enlarging your subject, zoom also makes any camera shake more noticeable, especially when the light is a bit dull.

Another way to make the subject larger is by getting closer! This also changes the appearance of the foreground and background, so is worth experimenting with.

don't chop top
don't chop top
Be careful not to chop off the top of your subject. click/tap picture

If you choose to fill the photo with the subject, make sure you don’t chop off the top or bottom of it.

keep backgrounds simple
The foreground and background should be fairly simple.

If you decide to make the subject a bit smaller and put it in its surroundings, watch the foreground and background. Check that there isn’t anything that that spoils your photo. Keeping the foreground and background fairly simple will improve your photo.

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