Always a camera in my rucksack...

Take Better Scenic & Holiday Photos

Rotate the camera?

The next decision to make is which way around to rotate your camera, portrait or landscape. This is normally a fairly easy decision as it depends on the shape of your subject.

Landscape works well for most scenes.

The majority of scenery photos will be in landscape. The eye sees in “landscape”, so a landscape photo gives a better sense of “being there”.

Portrait may be suitable for tall subjects.

If you’re taking a close up photo of a tall building, a winding path or a majestic tree, then portrait may be more suitable. But if you want to show it in its surroundings landscape will be preferable.

tall in landscape
Landscape also works for tall subjects if you want to show the surroundings.

If in doubt you can try both. It’s good to experiment to discover what works to give a better photo. Taking lots of photos isn’t a bad thing, as long as you think about each one.

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