Always a camera in my rucksack...

Take Better Scenic & Holiday Photos

Choosing What’s In Your Photo

Taking a photo is incredibly easy. Cameras on smartphones are now better quality than some of the first digital cameras, which were incredibly expensive. Photos are also free to take. Results can be seen instantly. But being so easy, means little thought goes into taking some photos. This can result in hundreds of poor photos clogging your phone’s memory.

Take time
Take a few seconds to get a nice photo, rather than just taking hundreds of poor ones.

Taking just a few seconds to plan your photo can make a huge difference to improve your picture. This may give you a picture of your holiday to treasure, frame on your wall and make your Facebook friends a little jealous!

The following tutorial is intended as a guide. In photography, the word “rule” is used very loosely. Photography is art, not engineering. There are plenty of great photos that don’t follow the “rules”.

No object
It is not very clear what this photo is meant to be of. The farmhouse, the rock in the bay, the stonewall? The road also doesn't help.

The first question to ask yourself is “What is the photo of?” Just because it’s nice to be in some place doesn’t mean you’ll get a great photo. It’s normally better to keep photos simple, having one main subject. It should be fairly obvious to someone viewing your photo what the photo is of. A beautiful sunset, or stunning landscape may be a great view to enjoy. But a good photo needs something more to capture the viewer’s interest, a subject which is the centre of attention.

Clear object
This photo has a clear subject to get the viewers attention.

In this tutorial I will refer to the main three parts of the photo:

  • Subject - main object, which is the centre of attention. The viewer's eye should be drawn to it.
  • Foreground – anything closer to the camera than the subject
  • Background – anything further away from the camera than the subject
Parts of a Photos
Parts of a Photos
Parts of a photo. click/tap picture
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